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| September 23, 2015


No.1 Bamboo Man-made Board : Bamboo Plywood, Bamboo floor, Integrated board, Composite board, Particle board
No.2 Bamboo Shoot Products : Fresh shoot preservation techniques and high quality processing.
No.3 Bamboo Furniture : Modern bamboo furniture by board Tradition weave furniture by strip
No.4 Bamboo Charcoal : Bamboo charcoal, Bamboo active charcoal, Bamboo vinegar products Deep processed products such as health care products, bedroom wares
No.5 Bamboo Chemical Products : Medicines extracted from bamboo, such as bamboo flavones, bamboo juice health care products such as bamboo beer,fertilizer.
No.6 Bamboo Fiber Products : Bamboo fiber and textile products,Key techniques : fiber separating, softening bleaching Viscose fiber, separate fiber
No.7 High-tech Products : Bamboo timber and macromolecule compound new materials series. Bamboo properties improving treatment such as water proof, fire proof, bamboo dyeing, etc.
No.8 Kitchen Products : Kitchen utensils such as chopping board, chopsticks, fruit dish, knife rest etc.
No.9 Bamboo Crafts and Arts
No.10 Bamboo Paper



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bamboo mat

โดย สัจจะ ประสงค์ทรัพย์
Satja Prasongsap (Research Scientist)
Horticultural Research Institute


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